Song Rules

1.      No (J)ESC songs

2.      No songs by singers who are younger than 16 or were younger than 16 at the time of the release of the song

3.      No songs that have already won contests

4.      No songs that have already participated in more than 1 contest before

5.      No songs that have charted in 6 or more countries

a.      however, a song that charted in 6 or more countries, but was released before or in 2008 and meets all other criteria shall be approved by the council

6.      No songs with:

a.      an unsuitable/inappropriate music video (e.g. resolution too bad, too sexual)

b.      inappropriate lyrics (too sexual, too much swearing)

7.      No joke entries



Songs shall be reviewed by a council to ensure that no songs violate any criteria. If a song charts in 6 or more countries after it already has been approved it will still be allowed.