General Declaration of Rules

§ 1 
If you withdraw after the start of an edition you will still be required to vote in the final or you may be illegible to return to the contest. 

Withdrawals shall be written in an official letter to the MBU, any other withdrawal is an invalid withdrawal. 
Here is an example: 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (Insert date)


(Insert country name)
(Insert national broadcaster)

(Insert country name) will not continue to participate in the Miracle Song Contest, we withdraw from the contest due to (insert reason: for example the broadcaster has financial problems, not enough viewers etc. (you can explain the real reason under the post!)). We (do not) plan to return in future(, when/unless …) . 
Sincerely, HoD of (insert country name)

If you are unable to participate in one edition due to holidays you do not have to join any kind of waiting list (if existent). 

If you do not vote in the grand final/semi-final your points will be reduced by 33.33%.

If you are unable to vote in the grand final/semi-final because of health issues or any other given understandable reason your points will not be reduced by 33.33%.

National finals shall not be executed in form of polls.