The Miracle Song Contest is a contest with fictional countries based on the Eurovision Song Contest.

// How to participate: // (for new members)

You must come up with:

v  a name for your country (it cannot have the name of an already existing country, the name of a country participating in another contest, an unrealistic country name (e.g Flower Power Island), a country name including a celebrity (e.g.  Kingdom of Adele)),

v  a name for your capital and tell which real city should be used in time lapses (only time lapses with a high resolution will be approved, consequently a city should also be big enough to represent your country well)


Must create:

v  a flag; said flag should meet following criteria:

o   high resolution

o   can not be a real flag

o   can not be a flag used in another contest


Shall tell:

v  your preferred location on the map (you will not get a continent only for your country)

 v  a three letter abbreviation for your country

Current Map